How do I go about being represented by Word of Mouth?
Get a demo together and email an mp3 or Ogg file to us at Be sure to include your contact details, either an email address or mobile number and we will be in touch. Covert mp3 to Ogg files - click here

What should my Demo contain?
A good demo usually includes a variety of reads; (as a guideline) 3-4 retail/commercial reads, 1-2 straight reads (one more narrative in style and one more ‘natural’ in style) and then a character read or two. There are no rules here however, it’s more about showcasing your best talents. If you have no idea where to begin, it would be very helpful to listen to some of the other demos on the WOM site, to get an idea of what a demo consists of. The whole thing should not go for more than 1-2 minutes in duration.

Where can I get a Voice Demo put together?
Email us at if you would like more information about who can help you put a demo together.

Who do I address my Voice Demo to?
Alana Schultheis, the Agency Manager. We receive a fair amount of Voice Demos and we will respond to you with our feedback as quickly as possible. At busy times this can take up to a month, but Alana or one of the WOM staff will get back to you.