Rupert Degas

Everything you ever wanted

A true chameleon - from a multitude of accents to world-class straight reads- constantly creative, mega versatile, brilliantly inventive and vastly experienced. Whether it's for his vocal talents in thousands of international commercials and promos, in films like Evil Dead and The Exorcist, in animation such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Bob the Builder, in the Harry Potter and Star Wars video games, or as a prolific audiobook narrator - Rupert is considered a colossus of the voice world. Any voice, any accent, anywhere. He is also an amazing impressionist and can mimic just about anybody. If you don't believe us just ask for a sample and we'll have a clip sent through. As someone once said, "The elasticity of Rupert's vocal range is akin to that of Jim Carrey's face!"

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