Lorna Subritzky

Retail, Hard Sell, Corporate

Lorna has over 20 years experience as a voiceover, actor and presenter in Radio and Television broadcasting, and is currently the 10-2 announcer on Easy Mix FM. Her commercial appearances and voiceovers include 'Family Health Diary', ‘Arnotts’, ‘Campbells Real Stock’ and 'Noel Leeming'. Acting spots include 'Shortland Street' and ‘Interrogation’. Lorna has a great natural read and an ability to power through lengthy scripts and has become an ideal voiceover for a lot of IVR recording jobs, including Fonterra, LTNZ, Meridian Energy and FlyBuys. She also has plentiful experience in non-broadcast corporate videos, live compering and instore radio. She has been a three-time finalist at the NZ Radio Awards.  Currently the midday host for Coast Radio.

Main Reel