Tilisa Taungapeau

Retail, Corporate, Soft Sell, Te Reo / PI

With twelve years’ experience in the radio industry under her belt, Tilisa knows voice overs - especially their place in a commercial world. From a smooth soft sell to a character read; a bubbly hard sell to brand imaging, Tilisa is highly capable. She has excellent Maori pronunciation having conversational skill level in Te Reo Maori, a solid grasp on Pasifika culture and language, as well as basic Italian and Spanish language skills having studied both at University. Tilisa has a rare combination of voice styles and can switch between them with ease. She follows direction well, and can deliver "just what the doctor ordered" - making her ideal for your next corporate or retail read. Tilisa is a busy Mum to her daughter Sian-Adriana and is currently studying at Massey University to become a Speech and Language Therapist.

Main Reel