D'Arcy Waldegrave

Fast, Retail, Hard sell, Energetic, Kiwi

I'm D'Arcy Waldegrave, a radio broadcaster with well over 20 years in the game. 18 of those years with the now defunct Radio Sport network. During my time polluting the airwaves with sport based rhetoric, I've also occupied the hard sell space of retail commercial reads. Most recently I was the voice of Smiths City (a year long role) and for 6 years I voiced Bond and Bonds comms across radio and TV. Since the advent of Covid, I've been redeployed as one of only 2 sportscasters with the Newstalk ZB network. I'm a known voice on a respected and successful station where I continue to drive ZB's ratings. I have a unique voice, ideal for hard sell and an innate ability to belt out many words per minute with a clarity and emphasis that that particular market requires. Easy to work with, punctual, flexible with a superb variance of tone and en point Te Reo pronunciation.

Main Reel