Angie Skerrett

Corporate, retail, midrange, newsreader

Angie has a warm, trustworthy and professional sound. Perfect for highly commercial work. Angie is an experienced newsreader so is also comfortable with narration and documentary voice overs. Her voice and delivery is authoritative, yet warm and friendly. It is suitable for projects requiring a warm, credible read. Angie's positive tone also lends itself well to soft sell commercials. She is also able to deliver the friendly yet professional tone required for phone messages, corporate presentations and in-store messages.

“Angie is one of the friendliest voiceovers I have worked with. Just like her personality, her voicing is bright and warm" - Phil Yule, The Voice Box Recording Studio

“Angie is great to work with. She takes direction well and can really interpret a script, adding colour to the words on a page. She has a wonderful voice, very bright and up-tempo. Angie is a wonderful voice talent and a delight to work with" - John Ferriss, Freelance Producer

Main Reel